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Pop Art


STAND FUNKY was established in 2021 by Sharon Abrahams from the local Cape Town area.  As a teacher, Sharon identified both a need and an opportunity in a fraught community to empower both herself and other women.


Sharon's side hustle grew into the unique and funky business that Stand Funky is today - retailing leather shoes that are handcrafted for an exclusive up and coming shoe industry of colour.

Stand Funky is also the proud distributor of Sea Bass shoes.

Stand Funky is 100% BEE registered.

Stand out. STAND FUNKY



Stand Funky shoes are proudly made in South Africa. As such, we would like to grow our brand and have it recognised country wide by retailers, entrepreneurs and customers across Mzansi.


To provide comfortable, affordable shoes to customers of all ages and cultures - providing them with a step in the right direction.

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